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Know TSA Regulations Before You Travel

Ready for your trip?  The only thing left between you and your vacation is the TSA regulations you need to know before you pack your bags. Being prepared with these TSA tips will help you and your bags move through security faster.


Follow the TSA regulations for packing to make sure your luggage travels with you to your destination.  Locking your bags? Use a TSA Accepted and Recognized Lock, as unrecognized locks may have to be broken to access your bags.  Be careful not to pack prohibited items in your luggage.

Follow the 3-1-1 rule for liquids, gels and aerosols in your carry-on luggage.

·       3-ounce or smaller containers of liquid, gels and aerosols placed in a

·       1-quart, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and

·       1 bag per passenger placed in a plastic bin for screening.

TSA Regulations at the Airport

Arrive early to allow extra time to complete the screening process.  Wear slip-on shoes and have your accepted government issued identification and boarding pass ready for TSA inspection.  Put your shoes and coat in the first bin and any carry-on bags in other bins.  Remember to remove your 3-1-1 liquids bag and place in a bin as well.  Remove computers and large electronics from your carry-on and place in a bin alone.  Ensure no items remain in your pockets before proceeding to the walk-thru metal detector or imaging technology (keys, cell phones, comb, eyeglasses, etc.)  Remember to check the bins and collect all your belongings following your screening.

MyTSA Mobile Application

Want more information about TSA regulations at your fingertips?  TSA has created a free app for iPhones and mobile web devices that includes a "Can I Bring My ________ Through the Security Checkpoint?" tool that will tell you if your item can be brought onto a plane in carry-on or checked baggage.