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“Frequently Asked Questions”

Below is our list of frequently asked travel questions from our customers.
We hope that you find the information valuable.

Yes. Travel insurance is strongly recommended. Most tour companies allow you to cancel for ANY reason and receive full refund minus cost of insurance. Cruise line insurance is can be cancelled for medical reasons only.
The benefits of booking with a travel agent are many. Agents have years of knowledge and experience and are qualified to help you find the best deals possible, whether traveling by air, land or sea. Moreover, most agents have been to where you are going and can provide valuable information in regards to hotels, activities, restaurants and much more. If you book your own trip, you're on your own.
An oceanview has a view from of the water from somewhere on your balcony. It could be a glimpse through palm trees or side view. Oceanfront is facing the ocean directly.  
Yes. The distance between Cancun and US/MEXICO border is same distance as New York to Las Vegas.   Do you charge service fees? No, not if you book with a tour company, such as Funjet or Apple. If you book just an airline ticket, fees may apply. There are no fees for our knowledge or service.

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